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My daughter had what we thought was a flat spot on the back of her head when she was about 5 months old result of 3 weeks in ICU on a ventilator, they couldn do much to reposition her for fear of lung damage from the tube. The nurses in the PICU tried gel pillows and I am sure they helped some. About a month after she got out her doc said he would like her Cheap Jerseys china evaluated opinion was was the one who went to medical school his opinion is worth listening to. wholesale jerseys Cheap Jerseys from china Expect UFA defenceman Zbynek Michalek and winger Martin Erat also to get moved before the deadline. There will be debate about captain Shane Doan, but he has one year left with a cap hit of Cheap Jerseys free shipping $5.3 million and would have to approve any move. That doesn make sense, you have to keep some pieces in place and Doan is the face of the franchise.. 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